Why choose us?

One reason thats sits above all the things mentioned below: Because we will listen to you.


Build vs. Buy Decisions

We are experts in deciding if a component needs to be developed inhouse or should be used via a commercial cloud service. We know the relevant SaaS companies and their offering and will evaluate in which cases it makes sense to buy services.


We know how a software product should look like

Due to the fact that we developed various products which are available in the market right now, we know a thing about the whole process. We think in products, not in contracts. We want your product to succeed in the market.


We work agile and transparently

You expect a predictable result and release date. We deliver with the help of agile methods like Scrum or Kanban. You, as product owner, are part of the team and see each detail of the process. This is what transparency is about.