More important than ever: SaaS Security

If the whole world can gain access to your SaaS application, then the danger of attempted attacks is considerably higher than with inhouse software. You also have challenges such as social logins or secure payment to be addressed. We help you overcome these and share our knowledge with your developers.

Already understanding the various OAuth2 flows and the related OpenID Connect protocol requires weeks of training for someone who has never been confronted with SaaS software before. After all, the method of saving user information and payment details is probably best not left to chance!


Frontend for SaaS

The technology requirements of SaaS businesses are different to those of on-premise software which is used primarily by users within a company. Local installations with defined user numbers have fewer requirements in terms of scalability, and they seldom have any issues regarding bandwidth.

From an architectural perspective, choosing the front-end technology solution is of great importance. The incorrect choice could lead to higher costs as well as impacting scalability. Additionally, user acceptance is more important in SaaS as you have to survive in the market. We advise you on SaaS technologies most suitable for you.


More consulting areas

Where we can provide profound knowledge


Online Marketing Integration

Track the right tools for and approaches to successful marketing.,.


User Activity Tracking

SaaS applications should not be like a black box. We advise on how user behaviour can be tracked.


Customer Care und Support Systems

Integration of third party systems for increased customer satisfaction.


Tenant Isolation

Concepts for the successful separation of tenants in the SaaS system.


Monetisation Strategies

Find suitable strategies for establishing subscription plans and trial models.


Zero-Downtime Deployments

Ideas for deployments that don’t cause any downtime is essential in SaaS.