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Our Areas of Expertise

We only do consulting in the fields we have extensive knowledge on. We will never say 'we can do it all'. Promised.

Amazon AWS Consulting

We help you to use the power of Amazon AWS Services in your business.

Cloud Architectures

We recommend the most suitable cloud architectures for your exact needs.

SaaS Implementation

Looking to offer a new product as software as a service? We will help you do just that.

Developer Productivity

Want to equip your developers with the best cloud tools? We will show you various approaches informed by our own experience.

Proof of Concept Creation

We create PoCs for your B2B and B2C SaaS solutions using innovative and cost-effective architecture.

Cloud Migration

With our own experts, we assist you with transferring your on-premise enterprise software to the cloud.

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No website will ever be able to answer all the questions regarding your cloud software project. So just give us a call and we chat about your vision. Perhaps we will say that we are not best choice for your particular task but more likely, we will present some neat ideas with regard to your upcoming project.

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